Indian student attacked and robbed in Chicago, USA

Syed Mazahir Ali
Syed Mazahir Ali recently reported 7 deaths of Indian students in USA as we commence this year.

The unfortunate string of incidents continue with the reports of an Indian student from Hyderabad who was attacked and robbed this week on February 6. Syed Mazahir Ali from the Indian city of Hyderabad was attacked by four armed robbers near his house in Chicago. Syed Mazahir Ali had arrived in the United States to pursue a Master’s degree. Syed was attacked by 3 robbers near midnight and was seen profusely bleeding after allegedly being beaten up by the robbers who he claimed took his phone. 

Syed Mazahir Ali       
Image: Syed Mazahir Ali attacked on Feb 6, Tuesday in Chicago 

The incident has sparked concerns as it comes amid a string of fatal attacks on Indian students in the United States. Syed is a resident of Langar Houz in Hyderabad. He is reportedly a student at Indiana Wesleyan University. 

In a CCTV footage shared on X, he can be seen being followed by three of his attackers near his house on Campbell Avenue in Chicago in the early hours of Feb 6 (Tuesday).

In a later video, Syed mentions, “Four people attacked me. I was returning home with a food packet in my hand.”

Credit: ABC7 Chicago YouTube

He also said that his phone was stolen and can be heard saying “Please help me, bro. Please help me,” at the end of the clip. Syed was visibly distressed and his face was bleeding throughout the video as he recalled the ordeal. 

The Indian consulate in Chicago said that they are aware of the incident and are in touch with Ali’s wife for “all possible assistance”.

“Consulate is in touch with Syed Mazahir Ali and his wife in India Syeda Ruquiya Fatima Razvi and assured all possible assistance,” said the Indian consulate in a post on X.

It added, “Consulate has also contacted the local authorities who are investigating the case.”

In 2023, the number of international students at U.S. colleges and universities grew at the fastest rate in over 40 years during the 2022-23 academic year, led by an influx from India. The bureau's 2023 Open Doors Report released last year indicated that international students accounted for 6% of U.S. higher education enrollment and have contributed $38 billion to the American economy. India sent 268,923 students to the U.S. over the past academic year, an all-time high and an increase of 35% from the prior year, according to the report. India ranked second in sending students.

Indian students contribute a major part to the American economy and Indian Diaspora calls for the protection of Indian students in USA. 



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