Indian student, Paruchuri Abhijit, from Andhra Pradesh found dead in Boston

Paruchuri Abhijit
Paruchuri Abhijit

In yet another somber development, another Indian student met a tragic fate in the United States. The victim, identified as 20-year-old Paruchuri Abhijit from Andhra Pradesh's Guntur district, was reportedly found deceased inside an abandoned vehicle in a forest on March 11. This distressing incident adds to a concerning trend of violent attacks targeting students, some with fatal consequences.

Abhijit, a bright engineering student at Boston University, had embarked on his academic journey just a year prior. Sharing accommodations with a classmate, he was the cherished only child of parents Paruchuri Chakradhar and Srilakshmi, whose initial reluctance to send him abroad was eventually overcome by his determination to pursue educational excellence.

Reports suggest that Abhijit fell victim to assailants on the university campus, with his lifeless body later discovered within the confines of the forest.

While the motive behind this heinous act remains shrouded in ambiguity, local media speculate a possible financial dispute with fellow students, compounded by the alleged theft of his laptop. 

Amid mounting concerns over the safety of Indian students in the US, a senior envoy from the Biden administration expressed condolences and reiterated efforts to bolster security for the Indian diaspora. US Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti, acknowledged the "regrettable" loss of Indian lives, underscoring the administration's unwavering commitment to fostering a safe and conducive learning environment.

"Our hearts are deeply moved by any tragedy, irrespective of the victims' nationality," Ambassador Garcetti remarked.

"We remain steadfast in our resolve to ensure that Indian students view the United States as a haven for learning and safety," affirmed the US envoy.

While acknowledging the global reality of potential tragedies, Garcetti emphasized the US as a preferred destination for Indian students and stressed the imperative for collaborative efforts between the American and Indian governments to safeguard the diaspora residing within US borders.

Indian Government and the Indian Diaspora has shown deep concerns with the rise in recent deaths of Indian students in United States.

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